Shalom and Welcome

I am Tamar, a qualified counselling psychologist and psychotherapist, with over ten years of experience working in mental health in Israel, where I trained as a specialist in clinical psychology. I have extensive experience working with children, teenagers and adults coping with loneliness, anxiety, depression and other major life challenges.

In my clinic in north-west London I offer psychodynamic - psychotherapy, a form of talking therapy, that is focused on deep and attentive listening and conversing between the patient and the therapist.

We all encounter periods of difficulties in the course of our life;

Sometimes, we may feel like we need support in "carrying the load", so to speak. It may be a loved one, a child that is in need or yourself. Psychotherapy offers a chance to explore emotional pain and understand its sources.

To put it simply, psychotherapy is for anyone who is motivated to make a change in their life, and is looking for a safe, patient and engaging environment to explore his or hers thoughts and feelings.

       Areas of interest:

  • Child development and family well being

  • Play therapy with children and parents

  • Post-partum (after birth) depression

  • Adjustment to major life events: divorce, immigration, illness

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Loneliness and relationship difficulties

  • Trauma and loss