Due to the Covid-19 situation, I now offer therapy sessions online.

face to face sessions in my private clinic will be offered according to the

government restrictions and in line with

keeping patients



I offer either short term or open ended treatment,

to the following :

Child and parents psychotherapy

for children who are struggling with learning disabilities, sleep and eating difficulties, anxiety and low mood, or are facing major life changes (such as divorce, immigration, or illness).


Children aged 2 to 7

Since the most important relationship in young childrens' lives is with their parents, therapy is most beneficial when it is with child and parent together in the room.when child and parent interact through play together in the consulting room,  there is a chance to explore difficulties in "the here and now", and see ongoing issues present themselves. the psychotherapist can offer a different way of responding to the Child's needs. parent-child psychotherapy is usually interlaced with counselling sessions for the parents.

Children aged 7 and above

Individual sessions could be better suited, as older children have a greater need for privacy and usually can feel ready to separate from parents for the sessions. however, parents are still valued partners in the therapeutic process and will be engaged  via separate counselling sessions.

Adolescent Psychotherapy

Adolescents face many challenges, among them academic and social demands of school life, a desire to fit-in with their peers as well as a need to consolidate a separate and unique identity. all of this is happening in a world that is buzzing with information, options and can be overwhelming, at times.

individual sessions with an adolescent are often accompanied by consulting sessions with parents, hence allowing a private and secure place for a teen patient to talk about personal issues, while helping parents think and engage in their teen's life and help them on their path.

Adult psychotherapy

when struggling with low mood and anxiety,difficulties in relationships or experience of grief and loss,  psychotherapy can offer an open and non-judging atmosphere that allows for understanding and coping differently with life's challenges.

Expectant mothers and mother and baby psychotherapy (ages 0-2)

developing new life is an exciting, yet physically and emotional demanding task: moreover, the tumultuous changes after birth can be, at times, quite overwhelming.

 in psychotherapy, talking and exploring feelings and changes can facilitate a sense of secure and holding environment for a new mother and baby, as well as for fathers and babies.